Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So, I am home now. I came home almost a full week early. I just missed my kids so very much. Tara finally looked at me Saturday night and I started crying and said I miss my kids and I really want to go home...she said "Sherri I completely understand. I don't blame you one bit. Go home to your kids. I'll be fine" She is so understanding. I think now that she knows a mothers love she was wondering how she would ever be without Nora and survive. We told the kids they were coming to the airport to pick-up a bag I had sent home for them. They are young enough that they didn't know any better. On the way to the airport Mitchell said they were chatting a lot but then when they got to the airport and saw a plane landing they got quite and when Mitchell asked what was wrong Sarah said "I wish Mommy was coming home today" and Colton agreed with her. When they walked in the luggage claim area Sarah spotted me and leaned over to her dad and said "I think I see my mom." he said "well go to her if you see her." she came running into my arms...Colton stood there a little confused and then eventually came running to me also. At first they looked a little sad I asked why and they said are you going back? I let them know I was home to stay and then the biggest smile came on both of their faces and never left. Colton was precious he hugged me and cried and said "Thank you for coming back to me Mommy" I cried too! I have been very jet lagged....I traveled from 8 am our time Saturday morning till 9 pm our time Sunday night. So I have been sleeping a lot this week. Tara and Billy will be back Saturday afternoon pray for them as they travel. As soon as I got home I went to my sisters to hold my new niece. Bella Kate Bain is so beautiful and I love kissing on her and just spoiling her. Thanks for all of your prayers. I have decided to keep this blog up so I can post here for those of you without Myspace. I just posted all of my blogs from China on here the dates are a little out of me if you can't figure it out. God Bless You All!

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