Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 6 and 7 in China.

Yesterday we ate breakfast and then we rested for awhile. Our schedules are still so messed up. I have been going to sleep at about 7:30 and sleeping until 3 or so and then going back to sleep by 10 and sleeping until 2. I know that I will have a hard time adjusting when I get back home. Just to be honest I am very home sick. The first week was fine but now we have Nora and I just miss my kids and husband so bad I can't stand it. I am praying for God to help me not miss everyone so badly and just concentrate on being here for Tara and Billy and Nora if needed. Please send a prayer up on my behalf. Homesick is the worst kinda sick in my opinion. But I know that he is strong when I am weak and right now I feel very weak....Today we had breakfast then we rode around with the Irvin’s we went to the Airport office and then to the Hospital and then we came back to the hotel and took naps. Then we got up and went to a park that was beautiful I am about to upload the photos. Now we are back at the hotel and we just ordered room service...just a few hours and I'll be back Tomorrow Jerry wants to take us to the stone forest but I don't thing we are going to go. Instead we are going to pack and get all of our stuff ready to go to Guangzhou on Monday. Not sure what time we are flying out but a change in scenery will be a welcome distraction. Please pray for little Nora as she takes her first flight. Actually pray for all of us. After this flight we will have flown on 5 planes...we just have 3 more flights to get home...We can see the light at the end of this tunnel now. Just continue to pray for Nora...she hasn't been in a great mood at all today. I think it is just attachment issues. She clings to her Mama and Baba as if she is afraid they will leave her. It is so sweet but so sad that she has been through so much. Please pray for Tara her leg has hurt her quite a bit today but I know that the mighty hand of God can touch her and give her some relief so she can travel. I love you and all. Sarah, Colton, Cassie and Mitchell this trip has made me realize how blessed I am. I can't wait to get home and return to the routine that is my life. I love that routine and I love you 4 people being part of it. I am praying for everyone back home. God Bless!

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