Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scarlet Threads: The Ideal Valentine

Scarlet Threads: The Ideal Valentine

Ok so I am joining my friends over at and I am going to tell you about my very worst and very best Valentine's Day experiences.

So let’s start with the worst and end on a positive note. On February 14, 2007 I woke up and went to work, I jumped when the phone rang just knowing my knight in shining armor would be having some beautiful flowers delivered...finally when 5:00 rolled around and there were no roses on my desk I just knew that he was going to have something special planned that night. When I came in from work all I got was a "Happy Valentine's Day" and an excuse about how it had been a busy week and we would celebrate on the weekend. Not a card, not a chocolate, nothing...I was so upset but I didn't want to be a brat so I acted as if I was ok.

I called my sister and she had the same story to tell...busy something on the weekend...NOTHING for Valentine's Day. Well my Dad who has ALWAYS done something for us on Valentine's Day had been out of town for work and was just coming back into town. When he got home he called each of us to say that he loved us and he wanted to take us to dinner that WEEKEND for Valentine's Day. We both said that would be great and he asked what "the boys" as he lovingly calls his son-in-law's had gotten us when we both replied NOTHING he said he loved us and would talk to us the next day. It was about 10:00 and I was surprised he even called because he goes to sleep at 10 EVERY NIGHT. Well, at about 10:45 I was sitting on the couch (still to mad to go to bed) and there was a knock at my door. I opened it and my sweet Daddy was standing their with roses...he said he could never let "his girls" have a Valentine's Day that they had to do without...the son-in-law's were in the DOG HOUSE in a big way!

So after the embarrassment he had received in 2007 my husband really out did himself in 2008. He paid for me to have a whole day at my favorite Day Spa (Debutante’s Salon and Day Spa in Cleveland, TN). I got a manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, and got my hair and makeup done. Then we went to dinner and spent the night in a wonderful bed and breakfast. I had a wonderful night and he said that he wanted to make sure I always knew how special I am to him. Last year was just as wonderful...another day at the spa and we had a wonderful dinner at a spot I had been dying to try. The thing that made both of those nights so great is that he took care of every detail. I am normally the one that get's childcare and books rooms...ect. It was nice to have him taking care of it all. I love him and I am so blessed to have him in my life! But if he ever messes up I have a wonderful Daddy to step in and show him up! ;-)