Thursday, September 25, 2008

China Day 4

Posted Wednesday September 17th

I woke up this morning at about 4:40 to quite whispers and looked over to see Tara and Billy watching Nora sleep. I think it was the sweetest thing I have saw since I got here. She slept forever we finally woke her up about 8 I think. Tara gave her a bath and put her clothes on her. Today was a hard day for her. She seemed to realize...this is it I'm not going back to the orphanage and although she didn't act sad she was just not in good spirits. Didn't want anyone to touch her except Billy and she wouldn't let him out of her sight.
After breakfast we came back to the room and about 11:30 she went back to sleep and slept another 2 and a half hours. This time she woke up on her own and was in better spirits. We were able to go and visit her orphanage today. I was walking through this big beautiful building with marble floors and there are supposed to be 600 kids there and I didn't see one kid. I had this very strange feeling from the Holy Spirit that just screamed in my soul that this was counterfeit and not something he wanted me to "feel good" about. I had to start praying for each of those children and pray that God would allow more doors to be open in China. They took Billy and Tara and showed them where Nora stayed. Tara said there were children there and it was heartbreaking. I choose not to go to that part of the tour and I was glad. She said one mentally handicapped girl was going into fits and everyone was saying, just ignore it pay her no mind....Wow I am glad that I didn't go and I'm glad that God loves each one of us that he would never ever just ignore us or pay us no mind.
After the orphanage we went to a tea house and sampled different teas you can see pictures under Nora Henley of the tea house. I also took some pictures of city life just to give you a clue.
Please continue to pray for the other family whose daughter is in the hospital they need a GOD a BIG WAY! The song Power in Prayer is burned into my mind right now...join with us in exercising our powerful prayers.
We came back to the room and ate supper in the hotel now all three Henley's are sleeping and that is where I am going shortly. I love you Mitchell, Sarah, Colton, and Cassie. I miss you all so much....when I get up in the morning I will only have 9 more sleeps until I get to sleep with you. God Bless You All!!!

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