Thursday, September 25, 2008

2nd day in China

Posted on Monday September 15th

First of all let me just explain the title...I'm sick of rice already, we found french fries, and on the way to the fries we almost lost our lives in a game of hit the two fat white girls and the skinny white man that looked a lot like an old school game of Frogger. Ok, ok getting ahead of myself. We slept great last night and woke up about 6:30 a.m. we got up packed our stuff and went to breakfast...well, something that was supposed to be breakfast. It was a breakfast bar and there were boiled eggs, RICE (fried rice ewww), baked beans, fried rice and noodles, a salad bar, undercooked bacon, ham, sausage, omelets, the only things I found worth eating was some croissants with jelly and a couple of pieces of brownish bacon. We met up with Leslie and Charles Erwin they are a couple and are traveling with his mom Cindy to adopt a 3 year old little girl from the same orphanage Nora is in. We all introduced ourselves then we went to the airport and flew Kunming.
The airplane was something left over from the cold war and we felt like we rode on our side the whole way here. Leslie said she almost punched the ceiling to get the oxygen mask to fall because it was hotter then who dunnit...but we lived and Kuming is so beautiful the weather is so pretty. It's called the Spring City because it is always so mild.
Our guide Jerry met us at the airport; he is so nice and helpful. Thank God for Jerry. We have eaten nothing but rice & the whole time by that I mean, rice and chicken, rice and beef, rice and rice and rice and rice. Leslie, Charles and Cindy felt the same way so we decided to walk to find some American food...on the way Charles says to go and we just followed, then he screamed RUN...and the cars started coming, and I don't mean swerving around us or stopping I mean they were aiming for us...we ran as best two chunky girls with broke backs can and barely missed elimination from the Frogger game of life.
We did find a KFC praise God, I've never been so glad to eat dark meat chicken and drink Pepsi. The fries were heavenly so at least we are nourished for another day. We are back in the room now. We get to go get Nora at 8:30 in the morning. So right as you all go to bed we will be seeing her face. Pray for strength for all of us. Pray for Tara and Billy we all got teary eyed when we came in and saw her crib. Also pray for my ear. I think the last 4 flights have done it in and with the night air's hurting pretty bad...I am going to take some Tylenol and get started on the antibiotic I brought.
One last thing....Thank you God...for your goodness, mercy, grace, long-suffering, kindness, and everything else that you continue to pour over my head while I am on this journey. I know that we came to get Nora but I have also found something that I have been missing for a long time...the eyes of Christ...seeing people as He sees them...we have a lot of work to do brother's and Cleveland and in Kunming and everywhere in between. I love you all!!!

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