Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Wind Blown Look

Well my Daddy should be happy...I took down all of the pink! He hated that pink blog, it really got on my nerves too but I had to leave it up for awhile after he said he hated it. Just because he's the Dad, I am the daughter and it's my job to annoy him!

I also added a different picture (Dad said I didn't look like "myself" in the old one.) Not sure about that but I went with one of my favorite pictures I was much younger in it plus I only had one set of stretch marks gracing my hips. Sarah was only a few months old. It was one of those fun pictures when it is just you and the love of your life. Mitch took the picture. My hair was in my eyes...I kinda like that windblown look. It means I was more concerned about living in that moment then how the picture might turn out.

There are plenty of moments when I have let the picture be more important than real life...I promise you I have said the words "stand still or I'm going to knock you into yesterday" to my son more than one time when we are trying to take pictures and he has other ideas! But when I think back on moments it is the less than perfect picture of a wonderful moment that I value the most.

I said all of that to say this I want my whole life to look windblown. But not windblown by physical wind or by the wind of change but I want my life to be windblown by the Holy Spirit. I love when things don't go how I want and a situation ends up so much better than I could have ever imagined. So many times the Holy Spirit blows my plans all over the place and I end up frustrated and upset. However if I can slow down and see that the one who made the wind is in control of every single thing in my life I love the way it feels to be in the moment with the True Love of my life!!!

Holy Spirit blow on me even if it means that my hair is out of place!