Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Story Behind the Name

For as long as I can remember my Dad has told me over and over that I am a Princess. He has told me again and again that my heavenly Father is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. I grew up just knowing that in my head. At 13 years old I understood it in my heart and at that moment I took my place as a Princess in God's heavenly kingdom.

For almost 15 years I served God the way I thought any good Princess should. I showed up at church three times a week most weeks. I taught Sunday School. I convinced myself that I was the best wife, mom, and daughter that I had the ability to be. But something was missing. I had this pit in my stomach that wouldn't go away. No matter how much money or how little money I had in my pocket I was still unsatisfied. No matter how cute my kids, how clean or messy my house may have been, no matter what position I held, I wasn't satisfied. It started to wear at me. I finally just broke down and asked God what is it that I need to do that I'm not? And he spoke loud and clear....Preach my Word. I thought "Wait a minute God, you may not know this but I am Baptist...and umm, I'm a woman." I really thought God might just go "oh yeah...I don't know what I was thinking"....but that didn't happen. He continued to speak to my spirit, through songs, messages, and other people, but most of all just in the still small voice that seems so loud inside your heart.

Finally just a few months ago I decided that I could fight God and be out of his will and make others happy or I could trust him and obey and disappoint a few people but be in the very center of his will. The longer I thought about it the more I realized what an easy decision it was.

See not one of the people I was going to disappoint had died for me. Not one of them had saved my soul or my children or husband's soul. Not one of them put food on my table, and not one of them kept a roof over my head. It's not that they weren't important to me or to God they were just as loved and highly favored as I am but just because their beliefs didn't line up with my calling was not excuse enough for me to be disobedient.

So I finally accepted my calling to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so excited. I know God has wonderful things in store.

Now back to the name...see for years I was content to have the title of Princess with no responsibilities but after God woke me up and jump started my soul I understand that now I am a Princess with a Purpose. I have lots of purposes...I have three children to be a mother to, a husband to be a wife to, family who depends on my, friends whom I love, and most of all a lost and dying world who need to be told about the goodness of Jesus Christ.

So yes I am a Princess but not the kind who sits on a throne and waves at the little people...but the kind who uses her power with her father to pray people through and who uses the experience she has and the words her father gives her to help people find salvation and freedom through Christ.

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