Thursday, January 15, 2009

Restless but Waiting.

Have you ever felt God moving way down in a place you didn't even know existed inside you? Have you ever heard him whisper something so quietly in your spirit that it's almost indiscernible? That is what I am going through now. Change is coming. I feel it, I hear it, I taste it and I smell it. The only thing left is to see it. Just like you can hear a train whistle from miles away and feel the track rumble under your feet when it's still outta sight...I know God's on his way. I trust you God. Even though I don't know where you're leading. I am yours, my marriage is yours, my children are yours (thanks for letting me borrow them they are one of my favorite parts of this life), my job (or lack thereof) is yours, my house is yours, my car is yours, it's all yours. I am feeling restless now...I truly believe that this restlessness doesn't come from discontentment but from my spirit being stirred by your holy hands. God I don't want to be led away by counterfeit opportunities please give me and Mitchell discernment during this time. Give us direction Dear Father....and make it plain so that we can understand and do your will.

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