Tuesday, September 29, 2009

He's an On Time God

Timing. I have none. I am late to EVERYTHING! My Dad always says I will be late to my own funeral...that is one thing I would like to miss altogether! Anyway I am so glad that my God has timing...perfect timing...impeccable timing. Even when I don't understand what the wait is all about or when I don't understand why my plans were all ruined. Even when I don't understand why I can't just get everyone (including Him) to do things my way...he is not rushed one bit, he is never late and he is not swayed by my jumping up and down telling him when and what to do. I don't understand how he puts up with me acting like an impatient two year old but somehow he knows me and loves me. When I listen to His voice I can reap the benefits of his timing.

The reason I was thinking about timing is because my best friend Tara, that I accompanied to China last year to pick up her daughter Nora, sent me an email today. She had gotten an email from her Adoption Agency it was a monthly update. It said that they were placing children with an LID of March 2006. Tara's LID was May 2006. That means that if she had not added her name to the Special Needs list she would still be waiting to get Nora. Of course Nora is worth the wait but the problem with that would have been that Tara's mom, Bunnie (see the post before this for more about her) passed away two weeks ago. If Tara hadn't followed God's leading and added her name to the Special Needs list then Bunnie would have never touched Nora or looked into her beautiful eyes. How many times do we miss something by a month, a week or a minute because of our disobedience? We should all challenge ourselves to obey God's will even when we don't understand why he tells us to do something. Just Do It! He has good plans for us...Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that. We need to just trust Him and obey Him in every situation. I praise God for His wonderful favor and impeccable timing in my life!!

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